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Functional assessment of the musculoskeletal system

Functional assessment is a dynamic examination in orthopedics taking repeated measurements of knee movement and is performed using a computerized medical device: GNRB.

Functional assessment of the musculoskeletal system

What is the functional assessment of the musculoskeletal system ?

This technique is used to assess knee laxity, particularly in cases of anterior cruciate ligament rupture, and helps improve the diagnosis. GNRB tests the solidity of the ligament and thus confirms whether the ligament is ruptured or not.

This automated device gradually pulls on the upper tibia along the trajectory of the ACL and measures the displacement of the tibia under the femur in real time. The displacement is minimal and linear for a healthy ACL, whereas it is more significant with a steeper curve in the case of a ruptured ACL. Even in an emergency, partial or total ACL rupture can be confirmed by a comparison with the healthy side.

What does a session involve ?

A session lasts about 30 min and is conducted by a physiotherapist. The patient is positioned on the device and the automated system is connected to a computer that records the curves and the results.

The patient then leaves with the results.

What are the pre-op benefits ?

The GNRB functional test is carried out pre-op, on the surgeon’s request, to supplement the clinical diagnosis. The test assesses whether the anterior cruciate ligament is ruptured or not.

What happens after the operation ?

The patient undergoes a test 6 months then 1 year post-op to assess the resistance of the ligament and the possibility of starting a sports activity again.

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