The podiatric examination involves several stages:

Firstly, the patient is analyzed in a static position to observe overall posture in different spatial planes. Next, the stability of the pelvis and the spine is assessed.

Following this, the gait and stride are analyzed dynamically using a podometry platform (pressure platform which also analyzes the static and posturological results).

These examinations are carried out during your first appointment.

The foot orthotics designed following this evaluation are made to measure using high-performance materials and techniques adapted to the specificity of the sports activity of each patient. The following week at the office, the patient will try them in different pairs of their shoes.

Three follow-up appointments will then be scheduled during which the efficacy of the insoles will be tested each time.

The details of the examination, the type of insoles made, and any modifications throughout the year will be noted in a podiatry journal.

The price of the initial consultation includes the clinical examination, the manufacture and fitting of the insoles, as well as the three verification appointments.

On our website, you will find information sheets specific to each sports activity, as well as my advice on how to prepare your feet for intense use without the risk of injury.

Podiatrist – graduate of the EFOM Boris Dolto, K-taping training
Osteopath – graduate of the IFSO Paris

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