Bio-regenerative techniques

Bio-regenerative techniques, including hyaluronic acid infiltrations, PRP injections, and shock waves, are used for the therapeutic and medical treatment of musculoskeletal lesions (muscles, tendons, cartilage, etc.).

Injections and infiltrationsInjections and infiltrations

Infiltrations (of corticosteroids) or hyaluronic acid injections are generally performed in the case of cartilage damage or osteoarthritis to help increase joint flexibility and reduce rubbing…

Platelet InjectionsPlatelet Injections

A platelet or PRP injection is a simple, natural, and innovative method of treating numerous conditions: tendon or meniscal damage, muscle or joint injury and cartilage damage or osteoarthritis.

Shock wavesShock waves

Shock wave therapy is generally used to treat tendon conditions using electrical pulses. It can also be indicated if surgery is not necessary.