What is LPG endermotherapy ?

Painless, mechanical stimulation of the tissues (skin, muscles) using the exclusive patented LPG system.
A lymphatic condition, a trauma, orthopedic surgery or aging joints could cause a lymphatic system deficiency thus leading to muscle pathologies, edema, scar fibrosis or osteoarthritis.
Thanks to the natural draining and fiber-reducing action of LPG endermotherapy, the physiotherapist-endermotherapist can treat surface or deep tissue accurately and effectively using high-performance tools and becomes a tissue, joint and muscle expert.

How does it work ?

The LPG machine acts at all levels:

 • In the dermis

Located directly under the epidermis, LPG technology works on scar fibrosis (swollen scar, scar adhesion), skin slackening or venous or lymphatic insufficiency (drainage)

• In the hypodermis

It acts on cellulite (orange peel skin), fat storage, as well as venous or lymphatic insufficiency (drainage)

• In the osteo-muscular system

It helps relieve joint (osteoarthritis, etc.), muscle, tendon, and ligament (tears, tendinitis, sprains, etc.) pathologies.


Treating scars

Indication : after an operation, vascularization and tissue mobility can be affected resulting in painful, adhesive scars.
How it works : exchanges between the skin, the blood, and the lymphatic systems are revitalized to facilitate the healing process.
Benefits : eliminates adhesion, improves vascularization and tissue mobility

Relieving heavy legs

Indication : in case of venous insufficiency or lymphedema (edema), endermotheraphy acts more rapidly than traditional massage.
How it works : LPG technology accelerates venous flow or provides accurate, regular drainage, according to the patient’s needs.
Benefits : immediate relief, drainage of specific areas, long-lasting results

Reducing joint pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis

Indication: in case of joint stiffness or osteoarthritis, to avoid a procedure or after an operation, endermotherapy is an accurate, painless technique to help recover mobility.
How it works: the technique loosens and reorganizes the tissues for greater flexibility without pain.
Benefits: relaxes contractures (cramp, constriction), improves mobility

Treating tendinitis or sprains

Indication: the LPG technique acts on tendon and ligament pathologies (tendinitis, sprains, etc.) by reducing stiffness.
How it works: thanks to a patented system, the skin, muscles and tendons are stretched and worked to help them slide over each other more easily.
Benefits: reduces pain, improves mobility by reducing stiffness and improving amplitude of movement

Promoting healing of damaged muscle

Indication : in case of cramp, edema, muscle strains or tears… endermotherapy relaxes the muscles, decreases inflammation and accelerates healing.
How it works : it stimulates tissues deep down to revitalize blood and lymphatic exchanges to boost the healing process.
Benefits : reduces inflammation, accelerates healing, prevents possible complications or relapses