The diet is a major factor in the life of an athlete, to satisfy their basic biological needs as well as to optimize their performance. Establishing a dietetic and nutrional strategy is essential and legitimate within the context of rigorous physical preparation.


What is Dietetics ?

Elementary to daily life, and well beyond the simple notion of calories, dietetics also considers the psychological and social aspects. A poor dietetic strategy can be responsible for the absence of performance or an under-performance. Dietetics is therefore a component of performance.

Dietetic preparation is over the long term. Adapted to the specific needs linked to the physical activity, it must be optimised in order to promote the use of the body’s energy, but also to guarantee good muscle recovery and repair.

With their expertise, the dietician-nutritionist establishes protocols, within the framework of an individual program and following a complete evaluation, which comply with all your constraints and requirements.

The aim is to attain and stabilise your ideal weight, optimise your performance, and acquire personal benchmarks.

An athlete’s diet varies over time. Their needs change according to the different phases: training, competition, rest, recovery.


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