Surgical specialties

From shoulder to knee, hip, ankle and elbow, traumatology and orthopaedic surgery does not offer the same operations. It is adapted to every situation to ensure the best performance, safety and comfort.



Most performed


Knee ligament reconstruction


This ligament can rupture following a trauma, causing knee instability and a locking sensation.

Total hip replacement


The aim of the operation is to relieve the pain, recover mobility and return to normal walking.

Meniscal surgery


The objective of the operation is to relieve the pain, locking and swelling, and enable a return to normal walking and activities.

Rotator cuff repair


The aim is to relieve the pain, recover shoulder strength and mobility and thus help prevent the progressive deterioration of the joint.

Total knee replacement


The objective of the operation is to relieve the pain, recover joint mobility and return to normal walking.

Ankle ligament reconstruction


The objective is to recover a perfectly stable ankle to be able to carry out all types of activities, thus preventing cartilage damage and the deterioration of the joint.

Most performed surgical procedures

Dr. Philippe Paillard is specialized in hip, knee, shoulder, ankle and elbow surgery. He got his training from the best French and international (United States, Switzerland) medical establishments in order to offer the best care to his patients.

Non-surgical procedures

Trauma surgery involves a wide variety of medical disciplines, including sports pathologies and post-operative rehabilitation, podiatry, dietetics and psychology which contribute to an overall balanced and healthy lifestyle.

non- surgical


The office and the team

Dr Paillard’s office and team

Doctor Paillard work with a team of experts to support his patients throughout their care.


Operation videos To understand orthopaedic surgery

Dr. Paillard directed a serie of explanatory videos to help you visualize the functioning of your joints and the main operation realized in orthopaedic surgery.


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