Endermotherapy sessions

Jacob Navarro, physiotherapist-endermotherapist, welcomes you on Tuesday afternoons for LPG Cellu M6 treatment.
Masseur-physiotherapist for over 14 years, he practices at the Bizet Clinic and the Trocadéro office where he devotes the valuable experience he has gained in sports disorders to his patients.
At the Trocadéro office, he administers LPG therapy in conjunction with post-operative care and the musculoskeletal system. His expertise combined with LPG technology allows him to propose treatments complementary to functional orthopedic exploration.
The endermotherapy sessions last between 15 and 20 minutes and generally take place 10 days after surgery as part of the rehabilitation program.
These sessions help the patient recover mobility, treat scar adhesions, and relieve heavy, swollen legs.

For any information regarding endermotherapy treatment, please do not hesitate to contact Jacob Navarro’s secretary by telephone: +33 (0)177 712 554 or by e-mail: or visit the website: