You are going into hospital for an operation.
You will have psychological support.

What is psychological support ?

A number of factors can result in the need for an operation. It may be professional (an accident at work), accidental (car, domestic accident), or sports related (overtraining, reduced alertness, tiredness, a trauma).

In addition to the physical repercussions, all these causes have a psychological impact. This support may enable you to express your feelings relating to the different reasons that led to your operation, your worries relating to the operation and during the rehabilitation phase.

The objective of this support is to help you at a physically and psychologically difficult time.

Why psychological support ?

An operation can be a very stressful time. Furthermore, the period of rehabilitation is often long and interspersed with moments of doubt. These doubts are legitimate and can be:

“Will I recover all my physical capabilities?”
“Will I injure myself again?”
“And if the rehabilitation takes longer than planned?”

This support will enable you to express your doubts, your fears.
Thus liberated, you will be in a position to listen to the recommendations and advice given during your rehabilitation, and so you can devote most of your energy to the healing process.

This support will also enable you to focus more positively on the healing and look to the future. Consequently, your rehabilitation will take place in the best possible conditions and will enable you to heal more serenely.

About the psychological support

The support is in the form of appointments with a psychologist. The duration of these appointments varies according to your needs. You are free to choose the type of support you would like, a single session or occasional sessions.