Clinique Bizet

Clinique Bizet

Located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, the Bizet Clinic is a private surgical-medical establishment. Equipped with a modern and efficient technical tray, it is distinguished by numerous specialties where it is particularly in the forefront, with even a surgical robot used for the moment in other specialties. The Bizet Clinic was certified in 2016 without reservation or recommendations by the High Health Authority (HAS).

The equipment and equipment

Capacity of approximately 180 beds and spaces divided into:

  • 2 services of surgery
  • 1 ambulatory surgery service
  • 1 department of ambulatory medicine
  • 1 department of oncology medicine
  • 1 unit of medical-surgical continuing care
  • 1 cardiovascular rehabilitation service in full hospitalization
  • 1 cardiovascular rehabilitation service in outpatient
  • 1 service of medical cardiology

A high-performance technical platform:

  • 7 operating rooms
  • 2 digestive, urological and bronchial endoscopy rooms
  • 1 echo-doppler room
  • 1 cardiac ultrasound room
  • 1 x MRI

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Opening time

Visits: Tuesday-Thursday

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